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Level of restoration or conservation

The restoration- conservation of a piece of furniture consists of different treatments that begin with the most important and basic ones necessary for its conservation and to halt its deterioration. Next come treatments necessary to make it more resistant to wear and tear and to restore the piece of furniture to its original function. The last steps in the process are dedicated to improving aesthetic aspects, like chromatic ...
You can decide up to which point you wish your piece of furniture restored:
Conservation refers to the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, cleaning of dust, etc, which is generally done at home.
Archaeological restoration refers to the minimum possible and necessary restoration.
Historical restoration attempts to restore the original function to the piece of furniture, without destroying evidence of the passing of time.
The aesthetic restoration of a piece of furniture, as well as the former types of restoration, also deals with aesthetic apsects such as polychromy or non-structural volumetric repairs.
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